Psg or whip


Should i pick up a psg or whip what is better?


Psg by far the whip is really light and just doesn’t make the cut the Psg is nicely weighted spins for a while and can do pretty much anything you throw at it another cheap plastic I would recommend is the yyj classic with a new bearing and some flowable silicone it’s just boss.


YYJ Classic, PSG, and the OneStar are all options


Whip is severely lightweight causing terrible balance.

The PSG an OK yoyo with crappy stock response.

I had the Whip, but currently have the Plastic Sand Glass.

But actually, the Asteroid is even better.


Thanks guys ill take all your recommendations into consideration , also how is the classic and asteroid from what i see in the responses it looks pretty good

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I thought the PSG was pretty darn good.


The classic is pretty nice, but needs the crappy o-rings shaved, or new response all together. There’s a yoyo called the Flip-side by Duncan and has a KK bearing and is only 20 bucks. I highly recommend that or the Asteroid.


Sound pretty nice i actually have a whole bunch of size c spec bearings what if i bought a classic and replaced the bearing and put new response it it would it be good?


Or a asteroid how are they


Yep! With new response and new bearing, it would be even better than the Protostar. At least in my opinion. Great choice! The asteroid is good, but needs new response due to the slippy silicone that comes in it.


So whats my best bet , to get the classic and mod it or get the asteroid and mod it?


The classic with a c bearing of any type is pretty amazing, but i personally really love it with the center trac bearing by yyf. It bumps the spin past even 50- 60 dollar yoyos of the same or comparable brands (when they are equipped with standard bearings). I really like it, but i also really like the alpha crash if you want a more organic/ v shaped yoyo.


Thanks man i think im gonna go woth a classic and put in a kk bearing and fix the response pads


I just ordered a classic im gonna mod it


Did you get the white one if so im gonna kill you Jk but it’s now gone And I’m sad :frowning: I guess ill just wait till they restock them sigh


I got the purple and white one


Ok ill trust you


Haha i like purple lol


But i ordered it on yoyo expert


To get the asteroid and leave it stock.