Psg vs astroid vs classic


Which is the best?
Im going to use for unresponsive advanced play. Not basics or looping.




Psg for vertical.
Asteroid for horizontal.
Haven’t tried the classic.


Depends what you want and what you like.

All three are great.

If you want out of the box unresponsive, then the PSG and Asteroid are for you.
The PSG is a bit slower than the Asteroid. The newer Gem series PSG is heavier than the original PSG.

The Classic needs a C bearing(the stock bearing is half-width) to go unresponsive. You may also wish to change the response system as well. Once these easy to do mods are done, it’s a really great yoyo.


All will work just fine with a little tweaking.

I havent played the Classic or Asteroid, but they both get good reviews. Keep in mind that you need to swap the response and bearing on the Classic to achieve unresponsive play.

I CAN speak to the PSG. I just got a Gem series PSG and I love it. Its definitely a cheap plastic throw but it is a very capable performer. The response kinda sucks, Im planning on putting in flowable silicone tonight. Also, the bearing could use a good clean and lube to achieve its best. I really think that for 12 bucks the PSG (or Asteroid) is an insane deal for a high performance yoyo.