Proud to Introduce Our Newest ‘YoYoExpert’


We have been waiting to make the ‘official’ announcement on YoYoExpert. But here it is!

We are proud to introduce to the yo-yo world – Pierce Olivier Boulay!

André & Devon Boulay’s first child born July 19th!

You can see he is already quickly becoming a real ‘YoYoExpert’!

Special thanks to Nay from Spin Dynamics (Awesome YoYoExpert Baby Blanket) and Adam from New Hampshire Yo-Yo Club (yo-yo booties and hat).
To all of those who have already wished us many congratulations on the web – we say a big THANK YOU!

Due to his arrival André will be missing his first World Yo-Yo Contest in ten years! Although YoYoExpert & André will not be there with a booth we will be there in spirit and we wish everyone going to Orlando in August the very best!

Worlds vendors?



Congrats! :slight_smile:


Big congrats!


Congratulations, Andre and Devon! I’m so happy for you guys! :slight_smile: sweet baby swag by the way.

(Kei) #6

Dawwww he is so cute!

(WildCat23) #7



You done good!


He is soooooo cuuuuute! :smiley:


Cuuuuuutttee!!! With his widdle mighty fwee dats perfectly Pierce sized :smiley:


He’s going to be better at yoyoing than most of us by age 3.


Yay! The little baby is a yoyoer!


I’m liking the mighty flea perfect size!



Congrats andrè!

The mighty flea is perfect size!!!


Congrats! I was wondering when he would be born ever since Ma States.


Congrats! In a few years, he’ll the next world champ!


Congratulations on your new addition. That is a very
cool name!




Congrats André & Devon.

The fun begins (after he sleeps through the nite :wink: )

(Q) #20

That isn’t me…