Happy Birthday To The Expert Himself...

André Boulay!

Everyone in the yoyoing community is eternally grateful for all that you’ve given us. Here’s to many more years of us learning from you.

Happy Birthday!!! :smiley:




True that, his videos got me back into yoyoing from my 90’ fling.

Many Happy Returns of the Day

Oh wow man, yeah. Didn’t notice that. Have a happy birthday! you deserve it!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday and thanks for everything !!!


Happy B day!

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I hope you have a great birthday, Andre! You have given us much, and we are grateful for it all!

Happy Birthday! ;D ;D

Happy Birthday. Thanks for getting me started for reals this time with the yoyo. I’ll always be grateful for that.

Happy Bday dude, I’ve learned a lot from your vids

how old?

Happy Birthday Andre! You have one of the best sites out there and I’ve learned so much from it, thanks so much for all your hard work and keep it up!

Happy birthday!!

27 and hopefully the beginning to many,many more! Hapy birthday man!

Happy birthday to the guy who built my interest in yoyoing from the very beginning.

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!!! I can’t thank you enough for getting me started on my journey into the world of yoyoing!