Happy Birthday YoyoExpert!

We need a place to wish him a happy birthday. I think it belongs here. So, happy birthday André…my favorite yo-yo player, and the best yo-yo teacher ever! ;D

Happy Birthday, André!

Happy Birthday! I wish we all had something to give back to you in return what you’ve done for us.

Happy Birthday Andre

Easy. Buy stuff at YYE! Promote yoyoing to friends and family… and complete strangers…


              | |
             .| |. 
            |~ ~|
      .-@'|  ~  |'@-.
     (@     '---'    @)
  () |~  ~ ~ ~   ~ | ()
 .||'| ~ ()~ ~() ~ |'||.
( || @'-||.__.||-'@ || )
|'-.._    || @ ||    _..-'|
|~ ~  '''---------'''  ~  |
|  ~  ~  H A P P Y ~ ~|
| ~   B I R T H D A Y~ |
 '-.._      ANDRÉ      _..-'

Yes, but part of what he does is make it so we can but that stuff. I mean more than just buying stuff from his company. What can we do for him?


WHOA! That is brilliant.

Mofoya’s cake said it all!
Happy Birthday, Andre.

Help support him and his family of 3 by buying from his shop. This is how he makes money. And no I am not mocking you in using this type of font every two or three words or so.

Just bought a $185 yo, thats my present to you andre, and i get to have some fun out of it :wink:

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Happy Birthday!! ;D

Happy Birthday André! Thank you for all that you do for the yoyo community and enjoy your birthday!

Happy birthday.I used to not be able to bring the yoyo down and up but now I have learned almost every 1a trick you teach.

Happy Birthday maaannn!

Hope to meet you soon!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDRÈ! You are the best :).

How ironic todays my best friends birthday today as well! I got her a can of soda and a necklace :smiley: :smiley: :D.

My bro’s bday is today, and happy birthday Andre

My best friends sisters birthday! Also my moms half birthday!


Happy birthday Andre!

Happy Birthday to my favorite nephew.

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