Happy Birthday Andre!

Happy early bday! What you gonna do for that special day?

Happy birthday!

Happy Bday!

Happy birthday. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Andre:D

Happy birthday to THE YoYoExpert

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday.
Have an amazing day.

Hope you have the best day ever André!!! You will always be my favorite overall yo-yo pro!!! I hope you have a great birthday!!!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

How old is he?

Happy Birthday!

Is today his birthday?

I’d think he would thank us
It’s either tomorrow or some other day this week


He was born AFTER my mom and dad got married. Like by one year almost exactly… Haha

Happy Birthday Andre!

Happy (belated) birthday Andre!

Today is actually his birthday

Happy birthday, Andre! :slight_smile:

You’ve been just so amazing to me and all of the people of YYE
Thank you <3

Happy B day you will be a great man in history!