Thanks for telling us that you and your wife had a baby, Andre...


that sure was a surprise! seriously, was it just me who didn’t know? :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, big congratulations to you and Devon, Andre. hope that you have a wonderful life with your son!


Shes still pregnant i think

(Jei Cheetah) #3

Having a baby is a huge deal, and the time that is involved is often overwhelming for any couple.
Your tone of this post seems to be a bit negative and implying that we should feel annoyed that Andre didn’t tell us first thing.

An online yoyo website, no matter how much it may mean to any of us, is not a first priority in this kind of situation.

Something to think about.

Congrats to the Boulays!



They just posted photos up on yyj fb; adorable baby! You’ll probably be seeing even less of Andre now. Babies change a lot of things in life.


When he came out, what color was his Dark Magic?

(Owen) #6

lol ive known since like 5 months ago (ish)

grats doe


Watch out! A future yoyo god has just been born…


Yeah, I think it may have just been you. :wink:


The Dutchess of Cambridge’s son was also born today. It is truly the birthday of royalty :o


Congrats andre! Andre is a great guy and I’m sure will be a great dad.