Proud Dad/Yoyo moment

Last week my two kids went to a science fair for their online school. And like always, they took their yoyos. (rule #1 - never leave the house with out your yoyo.) While they were there looking around, my son began doing tricks. He’s 12 and has a pretty good grasp on the basics. (needs refined if you ask dear old dad though;) Then my daughter, who’s 9 pulls out her PSG and follows suit. (she wanted the PSG because she though it was cool looking and very quickly learned how to bind.) So some kids come over to them to check it out and my son follows yoyo rule #2 - smile and offer them a chance.
It turned out being a crash course in how to yoyo and everyone loved it. I was pretty proud of them and wished I could’ve been there to see it.

So later that night, we were talking about it with family and someone made the comment how it’s a good self esteem booster for the kids. I never really thought of it like that but I guess its true. Anyway, just wanted to share that awesome moment with everyone.

nothing beats being proud of your kids, my kid doesn’t throw (barely) but he got other talents of his own.