Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to all of you adult parent throwers. I wouldn’t be yoyoing if my dad hadnt first introduced me. He takes me to all of my contests and is a big part in encouraging me to improve.

My question for you is: What how big a part in your yoyoing career does your father play to you. Does he take you places or does he just help you out. Let us know.


My father never really influenced me on anything. All my hobbies have been of my own doing. I have two kids, 13 months and 4 1/2. Hoping they’ll pick it up eventually.

I have no ties to my father. Don’t talk to him, but I will wish Andre Boulay and everyone who is a father a great Happy Fathers Day.

My dad is a big supporter and he is willing to drive me 3 hours to a yoyo contest in the morning. He also watches all the new tricks i make up even if he can’t follow half o what I’m doing.

can we share your father? :-[

Speaking of fathers, where’s Greg P been? I miss his posts!

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My dad was a mechanic, he wanted the best for his sons, so, he worked very hard and didn’t have a lot of time or energy for my brothers and I. My hope is that even though I work hard, I still have the time for my three kids. I like teaching them stuff, especially yoyo tricks, but, my 11year old son is a far better thrower than I will ever be.

Happy Father’s day to the rest of the dads.

Happy Father’s day to all you father yoyoers!

Eric, I’m here I’m here! Thanks for the kind words. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this, Raptor!

My father is a big influence in other ways but since I’m a growzed up adult thrower, he hasn’t influenced my jojoing. My kids on the other hand… they know a lot about yoyos already even though they haven’t decided to “take it up” in a dedicated way yet. The 6-year-old is probably “juuuuust” old enough but would rather play sword-fight with foam swords. That’s cool with me. :slight_smile: The 2.5-year-old loves yoyos but mostly just bashes them against the floor. The 5-month old is a 5-month old. :smiley:

I should say that my dad was never one to dissuade us from hobbies. He always had a bunch himself, and from that perspective, I guess he WAS an influence. Taught me the value of not taking every second of your life so seriously. :slight_smile:

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