Happy Fathers Day !


For all you do this “Throw” is for you !!! HFD To All …


Ill Shout out to Coffelt and Felavader two Great Yo Dads . Enjoy our Day . Chris and Adam .


And you as well Mr E… You are one heck of a Dad too bro!!!


Yes, happy Father’s Day Mr. Eli, Coffelt, Fellavader…and YoyoExpert ;D


I forgot to mention my friend BPG… He is a great dad too!!!


Brandon is the Freshest Dad aye 77 ?? I predict that is to whom you are referring Sir !


Nah, he was talking about BPG on the forum. Brian not Brandon. :slight_smile:


I might get lucky and the wife might let me make a Father’s Day throw order!


Someone forgot GregP!


Well that’s a yes to both!! My friend Brandon had a girl this week… Though he does not yoyo he does support this great hobby!!!

Mr Eli saw pics of the little girl today!!! Heck of a Father’s Day gift!!!


So small and helpless no wonder we still take care of them as if they still were. It’s is engrained .


Thanks T.A. ! It was refreshing as usual to chat. It is always a pleasure. J


Happy Fathers Day to you guys that I know are Fathers. When most guys go by screen names and their profiles are mostly blank, it’s anybody’s guess who’s a Father.

And same goes for your Fathers. And if they are sadly no longer in this life, if you hang with Relatives today, please bring up a few cool stories to share about your Dad. We are all eventually going to get to the end of the Race. Some folks just finished before us.

My Dad is 91. For Fathers Day, I am taking him to the Oncology Lab for Pre-op blood work. They don’t have any good news and they want to do a Pelvic biopsy to figure out if my Dad can keep standing up or should practice laying down.

And a very happy Fathers Day to Studio42, the Best Soundman in YoBiz. When I’m not jerking his chain, his relatives are. So, no doubt he is one busy guy. He certainly deserves a fun day.


My yoyos are my babies.

So that being said, happy belated father’s day.


Thank you.

I think I’m gonna learn how to do the Braintwister 4A throw real reliable, since my 6.5 year old boy can do it after I showed it to him ONCE, and I was lucky I did it right.

Happy father’s day. Spend some quality time with your kids. With families the way they are these days, I know it’s not possible for everyone. Use the phone, reach out and try at least.

My day is: Bang out errands early, maybe score a sale item, the movie time with the kids. Then learn diabolo!

My dad has been gone 10 years now. Major influence on many aspects of my life. The yoyo was not one of those things, but that’s for another time. Never got the opportunity to meet the grandkids my wife and myself produced since he died after I was married about 6 months, which was about 5 months before my wife got pregnant. Nobody expected my father’s passing.

My father in law has been gone over a year now. He did manage to meet all the grandkids my wife and I produced. His life was ended through his own intentional actions.

So, for those of you wish fathers, enjoy your time with them because you never know when it will end. For those of you who ARE fathers, you better enjoy your time with your children, because it won’t last forever, or it won’t seem long enough(although at times it may seem too long!). Enjoy your day!


Studio and Doc. Thank you for putting the Day in perspective. The Universe is under no obligation to us and life is fleeting.My life without my kids I dread foremost to contemplate.Happy Fathers Day.Do the best you can and you can tell when you look at them that you have done it correct.


Dads day bump