Teaching my dad to throw.


My totally awesome 63 year old father told me he wanted to learn how to throw! I taught him how to land in a front mount yesterday and he’s picking it up pretty quick. Hopefully I can have him binding by this weekend. lol. I plan on getting him a YYJ Classic this week. Its gonna be epic. 8)


I wish my dad was into yoyoing :-\ he hates it!


I asked my dad.

He said he has no interest. :frowning:


My dad just seems to enjoy collecting yo-yos and constantly hitting the floor or himself with them whenever he tries to throw it. ::slight_smile: It’s cool to hear that your dad is enjoying it.


It’s good to hear other fathers throwing with their kids. Regardless of their age or their kids age. My two older kids have taught me most of what I know.


I know the feeling. My son and I were getting lessons from Joseph Harris on Sunday. He was picking it up so fast. Right now, I’m also teaching him but I think in a year or so, he’s gonna be surpassing me and teaching me stuff.

This is my fault for getting him into this. Oh well. The family that throws together… has to maintain sufficient space so they don’t hit each other with yoyos.

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My friend Xavier brought over a FH1 to show me a while back, and my dad was like “cool! Can I try it out?” Xavier let him and my dad was throwing around the worlds, foward passes, looping, skin the cat, rock the baby! My dad is a yoyoer at heart, he just dosen’t know it yet.


Lucky I taught my dad a little bit now he can’t keep up




that is a great story…thanks for sharin’ that.



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Started my sons throwing off and on again. Now the younger one has passed me by.


My dad taught me to throw the yo-yo. Fixed axle stuff, but still, a treat to watch.

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My dad has a good throw, picked up from his childhood. He doesn’t quite get binding though.


My grandpa was as good as a guy from Duncan a long time ago. My dad has tried to throw.


my dad showed proficiency at looping, but he doesn’t really do it.


Wait… I’m the dad and my kid hated YoYos. She was always telling me. “put the YoYo away already” or “grow up”.
Never i tell ye matey!
My daughter hated it so much she listed it as one of the 4 reasons she moved back with her mom.

  1. You ground me too much
  2. You work too much.
  3. You yoyo to much
  4. I like the desert and sand better.
    (she now lives in New Mexico with her mom where there is plenty of sand)

So now I’m alone with my YoYos.

My dads take on it… Thinks it’s cool but won’t put food on the table.

I can’t win.


That’s sad. :’(


yoyoing runs in my family. My Grandfather was the 1949 Duncan Yo-yo champ of Oklahoma. My oldest son won’ Ok States once or twice. My middle son won 2nd at Fl States last year in 1a and 5a. Now my little one (11) is starting to show interest.




I’m the dad, but my son’s not quite old enough to use a yoyo yet. But it’s still good fun. He’ll get to see me become proficient. But for now, it’s all about the new tricks. Actual dialog from yesterday:

Me: Hey buddy, wanna see the new trick I learned?

Him: Which trick IS it, daddy?

Me: It’s called “plastic whip” and it goes like this: <whip and miss, whip and miss>. Like this: Pretty cool, eh?

Him: Good one, daddy! Now do plastic POO whip!

Me: How does plastic POO whip go?

Him: Like this: <starts just randomly running around in circles, waving his hands, and making sound effects>

Me: <lands a plastic whip, and while holding it starts randomly running around in circles, waving hands, and making sound effects>

Him: Yeah, good trick daddy! I taught you that one! Mommy, I taught daddy a trick that’s called plastic POO whip that I made!

Good fun.