My Dad learned to Bind for Fathers Day

My Dad is 68 and was apparantly into yo yo’s in the 50’s when he was a kid. Then in the 90’s he bought a custom yo yo and I liked it so much I got one. I had been telling him about these new un responsive yoyo’s and for Fathers Day I gave him my mint Magic N9. He learned the bind in five min, faster than I did. After a little practice, he can still throw a pretty good sleeper and I bet he will be able to do a few tricks soon. He likes high tech new things so I think he really liked the yo. I know he’s not going to start learning all the tricks but if it gets him off the couch for a lttle while that is good enough


Can’t believe it. I take nearly a month to get a smooth binding down while your dad try it in 5 mins! How much passion this old guy owns, it is impossible to imagine people in my country try new things even they are just in college…

That’s really cool. You should definitely get him to learn some tricks from this site, and maybe he’ll want to be a forum member!

If someone could throw before, binding is just another concept to throw at them. Some people just get it. Learning on your own vs. having someone teach you is a totally different experience.

I am working on Eli Hops. Doing OK, learning on my own. I have had help on tricks before, and often, it just goes easier with an instructor or someone showing you.

It’s usually easier to learn from someone in person than it is to learn from a video on the internet. It’s also more rewarding for both people, the teacher and the one being taught. I have so much fun teaching someone how to yoyo, especially when it pays off.

Lol that awesome. I threw back in the 90’s and recently began again (10 months ago) all because I bought a og butterfly and then decided to see what kinda yoyo were online. Thousands of dollars later and I’m hooked more then any Hobbie has hooked me before. I remember the bind was literally one ofbthe hardest things to get smooth and consistent. I was watching all these little kids telling me how to do it on you tube and I still felt sloppy. That was just the standard bind from sleeper. I just love to here when people see and love the new stuff coming from the yoyo world. .

That is so awesome! I wish my Dad yo-yoed!!!