Teach someone to bind day…!

I remember reading some where that tomorrow, April 29th is teach someone to bind day…! Everyone is supposed to go out and take a little time to show some novice how to bind…Your kid…wife …neighbor…school chum…to help spread the joy of yo-yoing and start them down the path we all know and love…so get at em kiddies….

I should. My friend Zach Ball and I showed about… 5 people today how to bind. He proceeded to teach them Mach 5 :slight_smile:

Half an hour in and I just taught 2 guys at work how to bind…well… one guy… the other one is a quitter…who will be keep nameless…(Gary)


Okay, thanks for the heads up, I doubt I’ll make much progress I’m not a very good teacher :-[

taught my friend lorenzo to bind and hopefully ill get a pretty lady pn video 4 you popdada :wink:

Been teaching this old guy(53) how to bind, me. Been collecting and hobby throwing for years. Now I have started collecting non-responsive throws. I just can not see collecting them if I can not throw them. It am having trouble on skinny string on wide gaps. As of know depending on the throw I am anywhere from 60 to 90 percent effective. tim

make sure to teach using a plastic…

I think I should do that ther is this guy at my school who thinks that you bind with a braintwester mont

That works to, it is just more likely to slip and not give as tight of a bind.

I pretty much teach someone to bind everyday.

If not I teach people new tricks.