Laundry Day

(Waylon) #1

A short video documenting progress and generally looking like a guy who needs to wash some clothes that match

Laundry Day:


Nicely done, Waylon! Got some moves in there I need to study and use. :slight_smile: Really cool setting for a yoyo video AND I liked when you were teaching that guy to bind. I did the same thing this weekend, and ultimately resorted to the “throw the loop into the gap” technique, too. Haha!

(YoYoStringLab) #3

Man, that made me smile when he got the bind. Thanks for the video.


Hehe, good job, I can never get anybody to learn to bind. :slight_smile:


yeah lol that seemed like a quick learner


Cool. I’m assuming that guy knew how to do gravity pull.

(Waylon) #7

He told me he played back in the nineties when the Brain was big. He had the bind down in like five minutes. I sent him home with a Flipside and some string.

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: I felt like I needed to do something decent after my Old Folks contest video bombed due to distractions and an editor that wouldn’t upload in HD.