(I’ve lifted this from another topic because I felt it deserved a reply, but was not totally relevant to the original topic.)

Probably because I am.

For as long as I’ve been on the boards I’ve seen “Learn to bind” as the most common response and panacea to questions from new players having problems with a yoyo. In most cases the guy can’t even throw straight and people are telling them to bind. (No disrespect to new throwers intended.)

I think this is bad advice for a couple of reasons, one of which is that I think people need to learn the basics in order to progress well. Also most people are going to do it badly or incorrectly and end up needlessly hurting themselves. Invariably they will knot the yoyo and it’s going to bite them good on the next throw. And in a lot of cases it’s just not the answer to the problem.

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Sounds right to me I knew it took me forever to learn to bind and I had like a year of messing around with responsive yoyos as a ten year old under my belt. I can’t imagine of how hard it would be to learn to do both at the same time I would think it would be frustrating/discouraging and as you said painful.

My solution to the people with that problem would be to get a knot in your string so you can make an unresponsive yoyo responsive or put thick lube in your bearing.

If telling Mhess to learn to bind was the wrong thing to say, I’m sorry. I didn’t think I would get a response like that the first time I recommended someone to bind. :frowning: I was just trying to help…seriously.

Oh, and you didn’t need to start a whole new topic…you could’ve just PM’ed me. :slight_smile:

Don’t take offense, this little burr has been festering a long time, just came to a head now.

i agree jhb, my mom went to bind (and she has never picked up a butterfly shape much less an unresponsive before) with my Dv888. boy she has a bad bruise on her leg… so, newbies should learn to throw, THAN bind. :wink: just my not-quite-two cents

starting a new thread was exactly what he should have done. This way newer players will find this in a search. I also totally agree with Jhb on this.

My girlfriend has it in her head that she needs to bind perfectly every time before she can learn new tricks. It took me three days to get her to try practice basic stuff like a trapeze. She also tries to spin start dead yoyos. I think it’s cute she wants to play with the “big boys”. She was frustrated but I had to spend a lot of time explaining to her she needed to practice tricks and now she is having a blast.

i see where ‘newbies’ is coming from though, he probably hears people telling new people to learn to bind so he just went along with the crowd. you didnt do anything wrong but JHB was using that convo as an example. Right?

My own opinion is to start off w/ an unresponsive yoyo. That’s what I did. I got it over spring break last year, and while at a baseball tournament, inbetween games, all I did was throw, attempt to bind, and catch.

Correct on both counts.

I started on an xbrain to learn thow to correctly throw. Then, 10 years later, I skipped responsive yoyos and went straight to a legacy. I learned to bind before any tricks. I would have to say that working on your throw is the most important, because if you cannot throw, chances are it will be a pain to bind because of the tilt you can add. If you don’t throw straight, it will spin out. That’s what took me the longest to learn on the legacy. I was used to lighter xbrains, not heavy legacy’s. Learn to throw, then learn to bind.

That has been my experience. A tilting yoyo is very difficult to bind.