Father's Day: Don't forget

Dad’s aren’t usually to sentimental but…you know what you should do.

I helped my dad out in the garden…

…I probably shouldn’t have made him pay me for it…

I bet you’re wishing your children see this (if you have any). Maybe even your spouse. Most hate yoyos though.

My dad’s proud to be a dad!

I’m one of eight! It’s fun! I got three of my brothers into yo-yoing, two didn’t make it too far, they’re both under 10.

I love my dad so much!

Happy father’s day to me…

From this father to all fathers enjoy our day with the ones who gualify us for this title!

                                        HAPPY FATHERS DAY

Happy fathers day to all that are fathers.

My dad deserves this note : He’s the best Dad EVER!!!

Happy Father’s day man, you deserve it! :slight_smile:

Thanks. A lot of days I feel like I’m everybody’s dad. :smiley:

Because you are ;D

My Birthday was on Fathers Day!