new throw for fathers day

My wife just walked into my den and handed me a ilyy Fury and A blue gnarwahl and told me happy fathers day. She rocks is all that needs to be said.

WOW! Another thing to look forward to when getting older! Father’s day. I got my non-yoyoing Dad a flip camera. I would much rather have those than a boring camera lol. Lucky!

Wow. I only wish I could get something like that.


I bought my daughter a FH2 2010, while explaining to her that something was wrong with the picture.

Lucky! ;D
Got my dad a card and some stuff for his grill.
Still can’t convince him to pick up yoyos.

Great gifts, and I’m sure they were tested right there in the den also.

My fathers day gifts are usually cash, so I am not far from buying a FURY.


Hope you like them! You’re so lucky! I wish I had those!

sooooooooooooo lucky!!!

OMG, my dadd just bought me a gnarwhal and my mom bought me a fury :open_mouth:

i got my self a a ILYY Fury, they were on sale and i couldn’t pass it up