prototype czkm84vk vs USA made czm8 vs china made czm8 differences?

So I have a prototype czkmate and getting a production run, was wondering what the difference was in the two, does anyone have specs for the prototype? Also any shape diff? Heard the proto has a bitlarger rims? Idk

Also I’m getting a USA made production run, there is no difference in specs vs the made in China one its just for people that want the USA made and its the exact same yoyo correct?

I can’t wait to have both and see if the proto or the production run I like better and can see why they changed what they did

Specs for botould be awesome! Thank you :wink:

edit found the diff between the proto and production, think USA.made is the same.but not totally sure, here’s the difference

[b][/ models. There are some slight differences from the prototype version that was released last April; the production version is 0.5mm larger in diameter, 1.2mm wider, 1.2 grams heavier, and the flat outer edge of the rim is about 1mm narrower. All very small differences, [/b