prototype bearing replacement

im tryin to replace the bearing with a koncave bearing but there is a spacer on it. the one that comes on the yo-yo when it comes out of the package. how do you remove these spacers?

Assumin’ you mean the Protostar because of the spacer issue, I don’t know why you would want to replace the Center-Trak. IMHO they’re better than Konkaves. But if you want to, use a butter knife and pry the spacers off the side of the bearing. Damaging them doesn’t matter.

The spacer has a collar that slides inside the bearing. If you put the spacer/bearing mess spacer down on a hard surface with the bearing up insert a drill bit or other solid metal(sharp edged like the non cut side of a drill bit) object that size in the bearing hole and tap it firmly with a hammer it will make that bearing “bounce” enough to free them likely with out damage. Make sure what ever you use is the same size as the inner diameter of the bearing or you may flare the space which will make the spacer usable.