I now have a Protostar and so far I am quite happy with it.

Umm. Ok?

Review of the year

Personally, I think “the chief is good” beats this one. It just seemed more polished and refined.

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Nah, “the butterfly is the best” is the best review i’ve ever read. It convinced me to but butterflys.

When people write reviews on this site, it usually is more in depth, going over looks, play, feel, etc. just a bit of constructive criticism, unless, of course, I am being trolled.

I like my protostar too.

I like trains



protostar good.

This review just bumped the Protostar to the top of my wish list. Thanks

Onions es stinky

Protostar good.

I’m going to try to give a “proper” review of the Protostar. (No offense Hobbyman101.)
First thing to note: the Protostar will take you quite a while to outgrow. It’s taken me from Brain Twister and Zipper to Trapeze Triangle Slack, Hook, and Yuuki Slack.

In terms of performance: It sleeps for several minutes, 1-3 to be exact. Very good balance. Not the smoothest, but it’s $30. Sucks for grinds, but that’s not what it’s for. It can be very fast. I’ve done a Peng Pong (from with it in under 8 second. Overall, 4 stars.

Maintenance is not to difficult. Yes, it needs lube. Yes, it requires new strings. But I’ve changed the bearing with a Center Trac, Ceramic, and Gold Plated. Doesn’t act up with new bearings. I’ve had it for about a year, and it hasn’t shown any real signs of aging. (Other than needing one pair of new responce pads.) Like I said, I’d give this an overall 4 star rating. Hope this satisfies you, everyone. :wink:

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I have a Protostar as well and so far I too am happy with it.

Try to had more deatil and go in depth.You might be a little bit of a newer memeber ;D but thats ok i had to carefully learn as i explored the forums