Nervous Protostar

Hey I bought a protostar and I`m really nervous if it would be bad. So, can you guys tell me the good stuff about it.Thanks in advance.

Shouldn’t you ask this BEFORE you order it?

Anyway, it’s a good yoyo. I don’t like the shape, though.

I read the good stuff about it then I heard bad stuff about it.

cant go wrong with the protostar, but then again its all preferance, i dont like mine anymore but thats cuz i played with it soooo much i just got bored of it

I got two, just don’t mess with the spacers if you don’t know what you’re doing.

ProtoStars are amazing. I haven’t regreted buying any of my ProtoStars.

i love my protostar. i just bought a northstar, but next month want to buy each color protostar i dont have. i enjoy playing with it! put a nice terrapin bearing in it!

I own 3, they are all amazing. I play with my Northstars and Protostars more than anything!