In the description of the protostar on yoyo expert website it says: “requires a solid understanding of unresponsive play and the bind return”. What does that mean? If you know how to bind is it enough?


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Yeah all that means is that its an unresponsive yoyo: you have to bind it to get it up.

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No. He did that originally, the mods moved it to the General Section.

But to answer your question, it’s basically saying you need to know how to bind.


YYE just wants to make sure that you know this is an unresponsive only yoyo. Due to the low price, a lot of people expect this to be responsive or 2 bearings or can convert from responsive to unresponsive play.

Considering the price and a few years ago, that was kind of important. This $35 yoyo is still a competitions staple and an awesome performer, and to date, still one of the best plastics out there in my opinion. I wish they’d do a surface treatment like One Drop did to the Rally to make it a grind-friendly yoyo.

If you can bind, the Protostar is fine. As is any other unresponsive yoyo.


I believe the new Protostar will be grindable…


If it is, I’ll be more than happy to fork over money for one. Now, if they could just get it to quiet down a bit…


I completely agree with the noise issue with the Protostar. I frequently yoyo at night and find the noise of the Protostar to make it unusable in this regard. Why does it have to be so darned loud?

It would also be nice if you could actually service the yoyo without destroying it.


I think the yoyo is made from polycarbonate, which is a very durable plastic. It is rigid, but it can handle some abuse. It’s why they use it in glasses as well. My eyeglass lenses are polycarbonate.

The bad thing about polycarbonate is that it easily accepts vibration. The weight ring kind of focuses the vibration and helps make it a bit louder. I’m not sure if the yoyo is solid or hollow, but that could also contribute. If the yoyo is hollow, I wonder if injecting it with an expanding polyurethane insulating foam would dampen the noise with minimal weight increases? It works in houses, but this ain’t a house!

The Northstar and Trigger have the exact same problem except the Trigger uses celcon, which really accepts vibration a lot easier, and hence is louder.

I think YYF is sick of hearing us complain about the “grip of death” issues. I think we’ve also completely negated their “performance” claims as well as a reason for this.