Is the protostar a good yoyo? Does it give long spin times and good unresponsive play?

It does give decent spin time. Its a totally unresponsive yoyo, yes.
Great yoyo for the price!

Is this yoyo good for grinding?

I wouldn’t say so, no. Most plastics doesn’t grind very well!

Great yoyo but it’s no good for grinds it can do IGR (Or thumb grinds) but it’s not good for it by any means.

But honestly unless you’re big into grinds it’s worth getting.

I am planning to get this YOYO for my dad, who has been yoing with me from the beginning. He had a Hitman pro and it is almost broken. He isnt that interested in grinding, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I just wanted to see what this yoyo’s strengths are. Thank you for all of the feedback! I think he’ll have a pleasant surprise later in the year.

Why is the Hitman Pro almost broken? If he can break that, a Protostar will be his next casualty.

Got some photos of the Hitman pro.

The Protostar is great. Sucks for grinds, great for everything else.

He unscrewed the yoyo while trying to get out a knot and dropped it. It fell on the cement and it just hasn’t played the same since. We don’t up quite understand why.