no really a review, but after i get tired of my maverick do u think i should get a protostar???

hi i think you r jaret right it is jordan i honestly think you should get it and i am not just saying that
if it is u then reply

If you think you would like it and it looks good, then sure.

ya jordan its me jaret, and i cant get one for a month and i think i found a good maverick mod

Get a Protostar…eh…

dude, protostar plays like a 60$ yoyo in my opinion.

What does a $60 yo-yo play like?

like a $40 + $20 dollars :smiley:

but he probably means that it is like a metal - the grinds

What does metal grind like that plastic doesn’t?

what is the maverick mod?

Yea, I got a protostar and it is great. And if you what there is aprotostar with led

Ok, just putting this this out here, my friend got one and it has vibe. I also took it apart and turning it back to where the arrows match almost seemed too tight. But it is most definitely the best plastic i’ve played.

This wasn’t the oldest thread ever, but please don’t bring back old threads. Look at the date of the last post before you make your reply. Thanks. :wink:

Yeah! Dont bring back old threads

avery, the point was made. and well, it was brought back so i just want to say apetrunk, not all people are super awesome masters of grinding. i can grind on plastics i recently learned, but not the same way as with metals. i grind on my metals as a way to do a cool trick while preparing for another trick with my other hand. on plastics, all i can do is armgrinds. i have done finger/palm grinds but they die before i can do the rest of my trick.

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Dude… The Protostar is amazing

Protostar all the way!!!

My friend throws a prostar he likes it over dv888 but i like dv888 better smoother gap small good for little finger feels good in your hand + metal and awesome thumb grinds

yea, it is a great yoyo but when you get also get kpads.