Protostar vs. YYF Whip

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Which is better?

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Or YYJ classic?


If you have to ask…

I don’t subscribe to the “better”. In this case, the Protostar is by far better than the Whip. It ls louder too and can be a pain in the butt to maintain as the spacers have a death-grip on the bearing.


If you’re asking from a stock (out of box) perspective… you have a case of stepping up…

Whip is a great little throw, nothing to get super excited over, very light weight

Classic is a responsive Yoyo out of box, has great weight and shape

Proto is a king of the under $40 plastics (along side the North)

Reality is this - you can get 3 whip/classic’s for less than a proto… so it’s really not a comparrision

Now, take it a step outside of STOCK… and the Classic wins…
If you redo the response (silicone or pads) and throw in a decent bearing - you’re under the $25 mark ($10 less than a proto) and you have a great player, better than the proto in my opinion

You could change the bearing in a whip, it might give you a little extra spin time, but you really can’t do anything about it being light weight… speaking of changing bearing - grab an Ann Connolly edition and you’ll get a better bearing (actually worth buying and just taking it out… and put in your Classic)

The Proto is a strong player, but you’ll pay a bit more for it, and nothing to do (or needs to be done) with changing anything - and IF you need to do something about the bearing, be prepared for some frustration with the spacers - they redefine “tight fitting”

Honestly, for me - I like to mess with things, I rarely leave something stock, if I can help it… grab a classic, tweak, have fun…

Seriously, for the price of a proto you could grab a Classic and a AC Whip AND most any other bearing… than play around with the two bearings you have; center track from the AC Whip and whatever else you choose - grab a 10ball or General-yo - or splurge a little and grab a Trifecta or Terrapin - you’ll still be ahead of the game and have 2 throws to boot…