Protostar vs. Northstar???

I’ve been thinking about buying a new yoyo and i’ve heard so much about these two, but they look basically the same to me. Are they any different?

Technically, yes. They are different. Some people cant feel a difference (one of my friends), and some can. (me) Its pretty much just weight, but the texture on the Orange feels different then the White and Red and all the protostars. I think that the Northstar is better by a lot, but It is completly preference.

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yeah… go with the NS. the difference is SO SLIGHT. but i believe the ns is celcon, while the PS is poly carb. and celcon grinds better than poly carb. But to me, they are VERY VERY similar :wink:

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k thanks for the help!

They are both ploly carb. Ever felt a Lyn Fury, or Legacy? Those are celcon, and feel really solid.

This is very true but the texture is different on the northstar

P.s I recommend the northstar

Northstar all the way! i love the Protostar but the Northstar just has like everything. and it is also so i mean so smother than the Protostar. So yeah i would choose the Northstar.

After using a white one and an Orange one, and a protostar, the white feels exactly the same as the protostar. Its the Orange with a different texture.

Starlite is awesome too! And only $25.

To be honest I don’t think you can go wrong whichever you decide on. Also as a previous poster said the starlite is also a great throw

Go with the Northstar.

Does the white Northstar really feel different to the orange one?

I am starting to believe the orange ones have better quality control.


Just the fact that the northstar is supposed to be an improved protostar makes me inclined to say northstar. But i’ve never played with either.

I’ve had two orange ones, neither lasted me 5 hours of throwing without there being some problem.