protostar vs counter attack

i know its all about preference and what you like but i just wana hear some opinions on which you like more and why :slight_smile:

I’ve never played a Counter Attack but it just looks like a Grind Machine without stacks(also Counter Attack has a center-trac bearing)… and I do have a Grind Machine!

I personally like the Protostar more just because of “dat H”. I like how CA/GM can grind nicely but I find the Protostar spins longer and it also has a center trac bearing (which isn’t a big deal because if you’ve got a decent throw it shouldn’t matter).

LOTS of people like Protostar and at $30 IT IS A FREAKIN’ STEAL. Lots of people (myself included) say they would have paid like $60 for it just because it performs so well.

But some people really don’t like that H shape so if you know your preferences then you might want to follow for a shape you like. If not just pick one based on the facts everyone gives you here on the forums!


I have a Protostar and it has an extremely wide gap, wide enough people with big hands to hold comfortably. I don’t have a Counter Attack but it seems like a Protostar with a more rounded gap and less wide. I still prefer a Protostar.

I have both and I like the protostar more. I never have liked the PGM shape.