Protostar and counter attack...


What’s the difference? I’m trying to choose one. Please give input if you have both


Counter attack is basically a plastic grind machine. It’s got a highwalled more organic shape that fits the older designs of yoyo. The protostar features a sharp v and the lightness helps it play pretty fast and perform decently for horizontals.


Wait, isn’t the Grind Machine plastic?

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No. The GM and PGM are different yoyos.

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Oh if that’s what you’re talking about then yeah, that’s correct. PGM is plastic. GM isn’t (I think there’s also a GM2 that was metal)


Protostar will stay with you longer as it is a more competitive shape.


GM2 is similar to the Genesis.


PGM and pgm2 have a near identical shape to the counter attack where the protostar is more like newer competition level throws.


GM2 is more similar to the Genesis+ aka the Miggy^2 or Genesis2