Protostar or dv888

Which on sould I get

One of those.

Seriously, those play completely different. Is there some requirements or preferences or something to help people make a recommendation?

neither di base its the same price as the dv888 but plays as good as some $100 throws

Di Base is $55, dv888 is $45 unless you want the splash design ones, whch are the same price.

Di Base, hands down, beats them both. I think the Protostar beats the dv888 in my opinion.

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The dv888 is one of my favorite yyf throws

I like the grind machine better

I think you should get the Di base good value.

no, just no. lol.

IMO, it goes like this.

1.Di Base
2. Protostar
3. Dv888

Di Base is incredible, i highly recommend it for someone who doesn’t want to spend a bunch of money on a high quality metal, but still get a high quality play. Protostar is one of my fav yoyos, and defenitly my fav plastic, it plays better then some of my 100 dollar metals by far. Dv888 is just, “meh”. I’ve owned like a kazillion, and they all just played “okay”. it plays like it’s price, the Di-Base and Protostar don’t. for you, i would recommend the Di-base, but if you want something you won’t be afraid to ding, the protostar is just as good, only plastic.

why did i quote myself? lol

I like my Dv888 but i would say the Di Base would be more worth it.

Sorry but YYF sucks font waste money on their products when u have caribou lodge and other companies

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umm yyf makes many great yoyos at a good price

YYF doesnt suck, but you do suck.

Sorry mod but I just had to do that.


YYF is just as decent a company as anything else out there. They make stuff from low-cost quality models to $130+ models(and worth every penny of it!), so they have something for all players at all price levels.

If you don’t like YYF, that’s fine. However, let’s not say they suck, OK?

And yes, I do like CLYW more than YYF. Please keep in mind preferences. There’s people who dislike CLYW. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having preferences.

We also must keep in mind that the OP is asking about a dv888 and a Protostar, meaning the budget may be peaking at $45-55 depending on the decoration of the dv888. I don’t think the OP is looking to spend CLYW dollars at this point in time, especially considering that the OP is relatively new to the game.

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Never played a proto or di base. But I got lucky with my dv888, it’s as smooth as my chief, code 2, ywet and anything else i have. Guess I just got a good one. I think i’m rocking a KK in it right now.

My dv888 is fine. Smooth, solid, good player. It’s just a “it costs what it is, it plays like what it is”. It gets the job done, no frills. It’s not a bad yoyo, it’s just in my opinion nothing special or amazing. However, anyone else is free to have their own opinion as well.

i love my dv888. for the price, it’s great. smooth, fun play at a great price. it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love mine. just my two cents


ever used a Severe? Supernova? AG2? MVP2? use some, and i guarantee that you will say, “holy crap, YYF is freaking awesome”. just cuz you don’t like them for whatever reason doesn’t mean they suck, and un-informed coments like that are generally frowned upon on this forum.

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