if you had to pick one

The northstar or the dv888 ??? thanks

Hmm, I’ve played the Northstar.

Heard okay things about the Dv888.

How about a Di Base?

Why limit yourself to those two?
There are also many other great players out there for the same price range.

If I had to choose one over the other though, I would go for the northstar.
The dv888 has always felt too bulky and unbalanced for my taste and never felt like a real “players” yoyo.

The northstar, although a plastic, is quite nice to throw around and is capable or anything you can throw at it.

Good luck with whatever your choice may be.


Agreed with Jayyo. Northstar is a fine throw.

who makes the di base


They are incredible.

I have the DiBase, Northstar and dv888.

Between the Northstar and the dv888, the Northstar would win. That’s just my preferences.

But, throw in the DiBase, well, whole other category. DiBase hands down.

However, never really over-limit yourself unless you have a hard budget ceiling. In such cases, you only have so much to spend, so use the budget determine available models. For me, I don’t have a formula for what I buy, and I can afford to get whatever I want. I don’t have loyalties to specific brands, models or shapes. I do have preferences and lean in those directions though.

Di base are awesome like shadowz said. Feels like a 100 dollar, for a huge fraction of the price.

I will also recommend the Di Base :stuck_out_tongue: Even better then the Di Base (imo) for 10 dollars more, the C3 Capless. C3 Halo is awesome if you like delrin.

Di Base is a yoyo I’d feel confident going on stage and competing. It just has performance written all over it. The Northstar is the same but plastic, slightly less performance by still capable of winning