Protostar/Northstar vs. 888x


Alright so Christmas might be coming a bit early for this year, I have a week to make a final decision. I beed told that I have a range of $100 to base my selection off of. So Far I’ve broken it down into two possible options.

  1. Northstar AND Protostar
  2. 888x Premium Package

I like the Protostar and Northstar because they’re cheap and seem to perform amazing for plastics. Also, the more the merrier, eh? After being indecisive for a while I realized I could afford BOTH, so…yeah.

As for the 888x. I’ve heard great comments about it. I also really would like to have a full metal yoyo in my collection.

What am I looking for? Long spin times. No tilting. Very good grinds, possibly IRG’s. The hubstacks are nice but that’s not what I’m basing the decision off of.

I currently own a Hitman PRO, everything’s stock. My skill level is (according to YoYoExpert) is Advenced (Part 2) I’ve gone as far as Laceration. Only throuble I’ve been haveing is threading the string into the gap quickly during Cold Fusion, and keeping the yoyo on the string during Eli Hops. Most of the tricks I can perform with ease. I just haven’t been looking at newer ones recently.

So, with this information, what would be my best deal?
Both the Protostar AND Northstar?
Or the 888x Premium Package?

Include specific yoyo accessories (ex: string, bearings, response) that you recommend or think would be helpful to me if necessary.

Thank you in advance!


Well, based on your skill level and what you’re looking for in a yo-yo, then the 888x seems perfect! keep on mind that it’s small so, if you like small yo-yos then get that, but if size doesn’t matter… you should still get that.

As for the Protostar and the Northstar, they’re great, but they’re not nearly as good as the 888x is at grinding and sleep time.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Well, the Protostar and Northstar are very, very similar in shape and size(OK, pretty much identical). They have smooth plastic rims and probably aren’t good for grinding. Spin times on both are awesome and the centertrack bearings are really nice. The Northstar is the heavier of the two. Both are great. I have both, I like both. My only issue is actualy with the Northstar because to me at least, it feels really heavy on the string.

Do keep in mind, your requests for “long spin times and no tilting” is truly YOUR problem. But for IRG’s? No, the protostar and Northstar aren’t ideal for those, or grinds in general due to the smooth plastic.

I’m personally not interested in getting the 888x for myself, but that just means I have nothing negative to say about it. I don’t have anything positive to say about it either.

Based on your self-claimed skill level(which sounds right based on what you’re saying) and what you are looking for, I think the answer to your question is the 888x. Yes, it has stacks, but without needing the weight rings, you can do the IRGs as the stacks won’t be in the way, unlike the PGM, where the weight ring is kinda messing up the IRG capabilties since there’s little room left because of the hub stacks. Plus, at this point in the game, yeah, you’re more than ready for a full metal. Go treat yourself and go nuts.

As far as other stuff I’d recommend? Well, it omes fairly complete. About all would recommend is 100% poly string(your choice of colors but neon green works fantastic if you’re recording yourself a lot) and maybe a YYF Multi-Tool. I see the tool as mostly being optional, but I recommend it because it has a bearing puller and a string cutter on there and they are just plain handy. Lube, well, I’ll let you make your own decision on that. Dry vs. thin lube/oil in your case. I personally recommend thin lube, be it the YYF thin performance oil, YYJ thin lube(my preference) or One Drop’s VM4(also great stuff).


I’d suggest looking at some other companies as well and if you choose to get two cheaper ones try going for two that aren’t really similar (ProtoStar and NorthStar are almost the same yoyo.). You could go for a ProtoStar and a PGM for example.

But try looking at some other companies through there’s so much more out there then just YYF.





Not saying don’t get a YYF yoyo just check all your options (Don’t want a order a yoyo and find out there’s one you’d kill for later.).



but also, don’t get the north star and the protostar. they are so similar you might not even tell the difference. if you’re looking for a variety, get a counter attack and a protostar, or maybe a pgm and a protostar, or something along those lines. with your budget, i would personaly recommend getting a dv888 and a pgm. a pgm for the hubstacks and just cause its a fun yoyo, and the dv888 because I’ve heard hundreds of people saying about how its a great budget metal yoyo. also, if you’re looking into all metal yo-yos, the spin ICON is a great choice, and its fairly cheap. if you’re willing to stretch it, you could go for the ICON and protostar or something like that. you have millions of choices, but i would not recommend getting BOTH the protostar and the north star. they’re great yo-yos but i think you should pick one, not both. also make sure you follow studio42’s advice and get at least 100 polyester strings, and a multi tool. if you’re getting a yoyo that comes with a flat bearing, or even for your hit man, i would definetly recommend getting some center trace bearings. they help a ton. good luck!


If you want stability, grinding and spun time, buy a genesis it’s 85$