Protostar help please!

I just got my protostar that I ordered from yoyoexpert and it won’t unscrew… By this I mean like the halves won’t undo… I don’t know why… and I’m not just some beginner asking how to turn the knob on my velocity, I’m an experienced thrower… it won’t unscrew. Can you help?

contact yoyofactory

I had to force my Protostar to unscrew when I got it…
It just comes like that. If, however, you think the yoyo will break if you force it any more contact Yoyofactory.

Try unscrewing the other way :smiley:

When I got my Protostar it was really tightly screwed together. Use all of your strength and twist it. It should come apart. Make sure your hands aren’t sweaty either.

yup it was really really tight. got it though. thanks to all!