My protostar won't unscrew.

I just got my protostar, and it’s so tightly screwed in, i don’t know witch way I’m supposed to unscrew it. It’s so tight i can’t tell, and I’m afraid that I’m gonna screw it in the wrong way and strip the axel.
Should i contact YYF?

lefty loosy righty tighty

thanks, but my dad tried lefty loosy as hard as he could, and couldn’t get it undone.

They come VERY tight from the factory. It took me ages to get mine undone (and it seldom tightens up again to where the arrows match.)

Hold it in front of you and twist in the direction of these arrows:
^ v
^ |-| v
^ v

It helps to wrap it in cloth or something to improve your grip. Good luck :slight_smile: