Help with my New ProtoStar

Ok so whats up.
i just got my Protostar about yesterday and i wanted to know if it can be unscrewed ^^" lol
i know it sounds like a stupid question, but i tried to unscrew it and its like it’s stuck.
so is it fixed or do i have to use more force?

3 Things, Either your weak ( Not saying you really are or saying it in a mean way), Try harder, or you should return it and get a new one.

lol, it’s cool. i’m afraid if i use too much force i will snap the yoyo.

Just a word of advice: they are screwed together very tightly, and are difficult to get back to the same tightness (lining up the arrows on the rims). I made the mistake of unscrewing mine the first day I had it due to a string tangle, and since then it has had a vibe that was not present out of the box. I personally wouldn’t mess with it just out of curiosity.

then how are you supposed to get knots out? its not like knots will untie themselves.

Use a paper clip! Or a needle or pin or something. I liked the fact that I didn’t have to unscrew my Protostar because it was wide enough for me to untangle knots using my fingers ;D

Hold it with your right hand firmly, and then use all your strength and twist it forward. That’s what you have to do, this happened with me and I on accident screwed it the other way, messed up the axle, and caused it to vibe. :stuck_out_tongue: :-[ :-\ :’(