Protocol regarding yoyo trials

Just a question.

During my somewhat regular yoyo meet, the guy I throw with, TheRoyBit, asked me to silicone his PGM. Earlier in the day it came up that I do silicone my yoyos. I think it was while he was playing my Miracle. Anyhow, the issue isn’t regarding his asking me to do it, nor me accepting his proposal. I’ve siliconed it and I am looking forward to returning it to him on Monday.

So, since he was handing me his PGM for siliconing, it made sense for him to hang onto my Miracle. Also, he loaned me his SuperStar(which I’ve been playing almost non-stop and I like it) so I loaned him my Corli Prototyle. It seems to me that if one goes OUT with someone, a loan should be done in the opposite direction. Not really a trade per say, but an exchange on good faith.

Personally, I feel comfortable with how this was handled. I wouldn’t have felt right borrowing his Superstar for a couple of days if he didn’t get something of mine in return for a bit. Or maybe I’m just too old school.

Now, regarding siliconing: I got no issue doing that for people, even for free. It’s kind of relaxing in a strange sort of way. Heck, I bought a tube, I would appreciate using every last drop of it to stick in yoyos, be it mine or for others!

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I think it only makes sense, if I’m getting something from someone i try and return the favor and it’s nice when you do something for someone they pay you back in kind. (but don’t do nice things just because you want them to do nice things for you, you should do nice things because it’s the right thing to do.)

Heck, I call that friendship and trust. Happens all the time when good people are around you!