Protege Problems

Crap. I got a new yyf protoge, and it was completely unresponsive. Now, every other time i throw it, it is responsive. Anyone know what the problem is? ANY HELP?

the bearing is probably just breaking in

if it stays this way, clean the bearing in paint thinner then thin lube it

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thx. it works!

Ya my YYF protege is super responsive. I asked Mick Lunzer and he said it was a dirty bearing but i cleaned it and it got even more responsive. he gave me a new bearing and it worked fine until now, it is super responsive and it soundes super grainy. Help!?!

Did you play it dry or lubed? Sounds like a dry bearing starting to lock up. bearings need some lube to function properly.

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its been lubed

Did you get dirt in it?

Try blowing it out with compressed air.

It could be locked up, like Icthus said.

Please tell us more,

we’re here to help.


It’s unresponsive most of the time the biggest problem I have now is the spin time it is very low and I can barely use the yoyo :-[


Just keep playing with the yoyo, the bearing will eventually break, you’re putting too much lube on the bearing.

Ok thanks! ;D BTW I have only lubed it once.

Any lube no matter how thin will make a yoyo responsive.