Proposed to a girl.

Have ever done this. I know this might be personal matter for some but some might have fun stories.

Here’s mine I had a crush on girl which was in school with but not in touch for sometime. And I didn’t have the guts to say straight so I said good things about her on ask.FM as anonymous and even told her about my crush she said come off.

And I PMed her on IG and she blocked me from her IG but that was just a hurried decision I had to apologize to her and now she says it OK. LOL

You deserve better Parvar! You deserve a women who loves you for your mysteriousness!

I realise that if nobody else posts in this thread it’s going to get awkward, so I’ll bite. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think everyone remembers that brutal first rejection. Mine was when I was about 12, I got my mate to tell a girl in my class that I ‘liked her’ because I was too nervous to.

She stood up, walked over, and absolutely annihilated me with the most brutal and condemning rejection seen in modern history. (“not if you were the last man on earth, you’re a stupid little nerd, I hope you die an early death and people laugh at your funeral” etc etc). I swear it was like something from an award winning novel.

Played it off like it weren’t nothing, but inside… man. Where’s the ‘feels’ guy when you need him?

Ah, there he is.


This reminds me of a Tyler the Creator song. It’s called Awkward.

Aaaaaah thank you I thought I was the only one…To lose the feels guy I mean I was looking or him all night last night.

Yeah it would have felt awkward. You’d was really harsh. LOL. I was expecting the she would say to me that I don’t want to talk and I would’ve agreed but she just blocked me.

And what happened after like did you say her something or like that.

lmao this forum is too much

I know, right?

Yeah. LMAO.

You started it haha.

I think he’s saying it in a good way.