people are creepy...

so while i was out of town, my classmates were stalking me. they found my youtube channel. they watched all of my videos. they made me 2 cards. and they wrote a countdown on the board. reportedly, 2 girls had their “10 minute cry” everyday after 9:00 b/c i didnt come in. i got in, got hugged nearly to DEATH. and i went 0.o

creepy… how long till they find my email 0.0

wow :o

they knew me for like 3 days before i left xD

clicks and whistles…

looks like someone is mister popular

Feels good to be loved!


everyone hated me last year xD

its hard to adjust, looking behind your back, with hostile people on your back to people giving you a hug when you walk in. someone from last year is coming to, but she wasnt evil.

Were the girls hot?

I guess they are 13 years old… so no :confused:

im the only 13 year old everyone else is 14-15 xD

We are a rare breed us cool kids…

mmhmm 8)

Ooh la la.