Prom Season

Kids, lemme tell ya. These past three weeks have been such a hectic time for ol’ Q. You see, prom is coming up, and Q has been somewhat in charge of getting everything music related on our part. I had to remix a few songs, so nothing bad there. All the while I have to help with decorating, and balance a work load of my own on top of that.

Well, is anyone here going to prom? What is your theme?

Well, at my school we have yet to been notified of what theme our prom is.

I know i am going to my prom :slight_smile:

i’m really excited cuz i’m a sophomore and i got asked by a junior to go (2 juniors actually). so freaking excited. what sucks is tht it is in May :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways, i will tell u what my schools prom theme is as soon as i know.

Last year it was a masquerade ball room dance

Ours is actually Welcome to the Masquerade.

I’ve been asked to prom 3 years now. Woohoo. Trust me, the thrill wears down

I got asked to prom by good ol’ Q.

The rest of those details violate about seven or so rules of this forum…

aww thts adorable :wink: lol

Prom last year was fun, dunno if I wanna go this year. I was in charge of the junior prom decorating thing, it was really fun. But this year, the fun wore off, it is coming up soon and I dont know if i want to deal with crappy music and nutty people.

But I deal with crappy music and nutty people almost every day…

My last prom!.. But I was so nauseated( horrible dj, condescending staff, and on top of that a few drunk -(insert words you can’t say on this forum) had to mess it up even more) at the last dance I went to… I think I’ll just grab some friends and have fun on our own