Highschool Pep Rallies?


Ok, so Farmington High has had probably the craziest pep rally in history back in 2008. Made it on the News :wink: Not sure if the vid is entirely appropriate for YYE though. Sooo, any crazy pep rallies your highschool has had? I’m a freshman right now so when we’re Seniors, we plan on topping this pep rally ;Dhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=aA7GVukDPDc


My school just had theirs today. Kinda dumb. When the seniors won the competition for who had most spirit, everyone started yelling “seniors suck!”. That was the only real interesting part.

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Were having one next Friday. Hopefully it’ll be fun.


A million years ago I beat out everyone else in a slam dunk contest my freshman year. Grand prize was a gallon of double chocolate chip ice cream. :stuck_out_tongue: Problem was we were all cutting weight for wrestling so not the ideal prize.

BTW yes they lowered the nets.


One time during my senior year we had the craziest pep rally I’ve ever seen or heard of.

We had the obvious, chearleaders and dance teams, then we had rappers that cleared the stands and starting a concert in the middle of the bball court, then the mascot repelled from the ceiling, there was a random clogging team that blew everybody’s minds and brought the house down, the teachers had a band with Kenny Aronoff (pro drummer for many bands you’ve heard of), had volunteer male students come down from the stands and put on cheerleader outfits and dance, they handed out tiny bubble bottles to everyone (which turned into throwing bottles of soap everywhere).

I can’t even remember all of what happened. It was just one thing after another and everyone going bonkers.


My homecoming pep rally there’s away a teacher dance. this year the teachers danced to gangnam style. it was greatness when the hip hop dance kids came in and a bunch of students joined and were dancing. its on YouTube somewhere rolling meadows high school 2012 teacher dance i think it is.

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If that happened at my school all (terrible place) would break loose!

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Open gangnam style…

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