So the other day I was walking through my schools hall. Then the music teacher stopped me and started talking to me. He said someone called the school and asked if anyone had talent. He mentioned a few musical people and me. So the guy came and interviewed me. He wants me to do a 4 minute routine at his concert on April 21st. I’m super stoked! It’ll supposedly have more than 1000 people! If any of you saw recent posts by me, you see I have a talent show tomorrow night. He will be coming to that too so he can see if he approves my song. This will be amazing!

What kind of instriment do you play? And good luck on the talent show.

So are you yoyoing or playing an instrument at this concert? Great opportunity either way! Go knock their socks off! =D


Best tip of advice- don’t have stage fright.

I’ll be yoyoing. I wish I could play an instrument! And stage fright is the one thing I’m worried about. Ha

Just remember that they’ll be impressed with whatever you show them. Big showy tricks should make up most of your routine, with a little fast tech.

Just act like you all by yourself.

My routine is good. It’s just one trick messing me up. A behind the back boomerang. I just can’t get it consecutive.

I played at a school concert last semester and played a variety of songs with a band. I ended up playing drums, bass, piano, guitar, and I sang for one song.
I was complimented on my singing skills, but my professor said I looked like an animatronic mannequin at the mic.

Just don’t lock up and keep your cool.