Okay so i entered the talent show and i passed the audition(yay :D).
and i remembered last year i entered i was really,really nervous that i couldn’t move my legs or head.
only my hands. So are there any tips on not being nervous up on stage with 1000+ people watching u?

The only tip I can give you is don’t care about them. Just go out there and have fun. If you mess up, most won’t even know it.

There are various calming technics, google them.
How ever the only way to get over stage fright is not to care what the people watching you think. That is if you ever had it in the first place.
If you have stage fright it is going to be a confindance thing. You have to be confedent you are going to do well or you will be nervous. Unless of course you don’t care what people think of you then, you won’t have stage fright in the first place.

Oh… when the lights are on the stage, and the auditorium is dark, it’s like you’re just playing by yourself. No worries. [b]TEXT REMOVED

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I’ve been doing this for a long time

either be yourself and be confident in yourself

do it, do it again, until you don’t mind wether there are 100 or 1000 or 10.000 people watching you

If you have a chance, play on the stage before the show.

Don’t worry about messing anything up, tricks or otherwise.

Talk with the audience. Say hey what’s up, my name is this, and I’m gonna do this. Don’t just walk up on stage and do your thing. It’s not a freestyle; people don’t know what to expect.

Have fun. If you’re nervous, pretend to have fun. When it comes to performing for an audience, the feeling is mutual.

get in the zone (yoyo) before and after you get on stage. just start yoyoing and dont pay attention to the crowd.

I myself am in a world class choir (that went to argentina last summer BTW, totally awesome) and I rarely get stagefright. Remember, all you are doing is what you love, just in front of other people. pretend they are not there or picture that new throw you are gonna get soon ;D its how I motivate myself to do a 2 mile run in 18 minutes (yes im almost a black belt)

I listen to my favorite classic rock song right befor i go on stage to keep adrenaline down.

Something I like to do a couple days before a contest is go out and be a street performer somewhere that has alot of people (shopping mall, busy street, party, anywhere) and just hang out and yo-yo and talk to people. that way when your on stage you’re used to throwing around alot of people