How do you deal with being nervous on stage?


Just wondering about some different methods.


Just try to remember that everybody’s there to have a bit of fun and that it’s a supportive environment.


(M.DeV1) #3

picture everybody without any clothes on, unless they’re really hairy and gross.

(Waylon) #4

Just do your thing. I’ve been performing music for fifteen years and I still get nervous sometimes.


At which point it ceases to be nerve wracking and becomes really awkward XD


(Owen) #6

Take some candy, ok?

Make it hi chew.

Then chew it, you following?

And ten focus on the candy chewing
Business goin on in your mouth.

Advice from Harold Owens III BTW


I don’t yoyo on stage, that works the best.


Ideally, focus on the task at hand. Deep breaths Clear your mind.

I’d say meditate, but yoyo in and of itself is very meditative.

We all don’t get over stage fright. It just depends on how important this is to you. After that, it’s mind over mater. When you stop being self conscious, it’s amazing what we can accomplish.

(Jerrod) #9



I look at the ceiling and think sad thoughts…idk…it makes me more serious than nervous. I also put baby powder on my hands for sweaty hands.


I get hyped up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Music lots and lots of music


practice turning that nervous panic feeling into some kind of spiritual pleasure. (you know the feeling when you are the next one to go on stage). once you can turn that panic into some kind of high you’ll get hooked on it and won’t be able to get enough!


I still think picturing everyone nekkid sounds the best


Have you seen the crowds at yoyo contests?

No, don’t to that. It might be hazardous! It might induce vomiting!


I’ve heard eating bananas makes you less nervous.
Read this if you have nothing to do:

(M.DeV1) #17

Oh normally I get syked! Jump up and down, yell a little, point at the crowd and try to get them to make some noise. Smile like a fool!


Just in case:

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #19

Practice, and not just yoyoing. The more time you spend in front of a group of people, the more comfortable you will feel on stage. Yoyo in public, yoyo in areas that have distractions, put yourself to the test regularly before you ever go on stage. Once you are comfortable in front of various groups, positive groups, negative groups, groups that are indifferent, and have learned to capitalize on their energy, ignore their presence, whatever works for you, being on stage should be much easier.

Focus grasshopper ;D.


I think the only way to really get over it is to just get on stage as much as possible. I am still super nervous when I compete but now that I have been on stage quite a few times I am finally getting a little less nervous! So you will get there, just keep at it!