Project Y, The showcase thread.

In late 2012. A group of throwers decided to form a team, but not just any standard yoyo team, but a team of players who enjoyed yoyoing, not for the hype, not for the products, but for the fun of the game, and bringing true style to the lifestyle. This team, is known as Project Y, and consist of players from all around the globe. Some are independent players, and others throw for a company, but regardless, these are players who throw for the love of it, and the flow of the natural motions of the body and yoyo.

This thread is to showcase the videos that these players have been a part of, and showing the world what true style and love can create. Updates as they happen.


Anton Budanov, San Francisco, CA

Wilson Van Gundy, Oakland , CA

Juan Renteria, Salinas, CA

Kyle Wong, San Francisco, CA

Joseph Liu, Taichung, Taiwan

James Reed, Long Beach, CA

In planning:
Josh Yee
Chase Baxter
Michael Stecz
Haru Ray
Sky Wuff
Maxim Tripolski

Stay tuned!


I’m going to be confused… Aren’t you Josh Yee?

Check the bottom of your post… It says Haru Ray, and it says Josh Yee… Unless you have one video of you normally then you in a furry costume…

Which would be legit. :wink:

Haru is me, Josh is Josh.
Josh is Haru, Haru is not Josh.
Neither is he, who he is me, but me is not he who Haru is Josh, and Josh is not me who Haru is he who is not.

That said. I am getting some help filming my own video, and I will be working with Haru on his. But Haru is me, and Josh is not, But I am not Haru who Haru is that who you say who is not I but he who is.

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I can’t wait to see Chase’s mad skills to be placed on here. He’s my role model right now,love that kid like crazy! Ugh,can’t wait!
And Stecz is a cool kid,too!

I agree. ;D


I thought this was planned in like 2011? Haha