Abyss YoYo Team.

Me and my friends are making an amateur team.  I’m the maker of this and we are going to be making some of our own designed yoyos.  But as of now we have none.  But coming up with a couple of designs.  Okay so I’m going to introduce our players I’ll be adding more once I get a hold of them and see if there willing to be in it.
for the tryouts

Joseph Garcia Team leader:
  I’m from Santa Monica California, age 12.  I started yoyoing on January 20th 2010.  My friend Genki got me into it after bringing a pink speeder to school and performing crazy tricks I never new were possible (matrix).  After going to a wallgreens and getting a duncan butterfly only able to do forward pass, walk the dog, and around the world, I quickly grew out of it in about a week getting bored and wanted to learn more.  I was told by Genki the puzzle zoo by my school had a bunch of yoyos.  I saw duncan and yomega yoyos looking around I looked at yomega fireball and I was gonna pick it up when then I saw a duncan metal zero.  I immidiatly bought it, I learned double or nothing, trapeze, brain twister, stop and go etc.  Then I noticed it didn’t spin as long as my friends speeder.  Everyone always asked him where to get one, and he said internet no specific place.  Then he told me to goto Yoyoexpert.com and this is where it all started.  I bought many yoyos leading me here today.  Now coming up with my own combos and creating my own team I’m now standing here a new person.
    Genki Yoshida Co-Leader:
  I’m from Santa Monica California, age 12.  I started yoyoing during 6th grade when cleaning out our lockers a friend gave me his yoyo(a yoyo that doesn’t have a brand). Then I started seriously yoyoing during 2009 Christmas time when I got a pink limited edition speeder, when coming back from winter break I was showing everyone my skills(Doing the trick matrix).  Everyone asked me where to get a yoyo like that and I just said “internet”.  My friend Joseph started getting serious with yoyos too, so I continued to progess and was becoming pretty good.  Then during a flight to Hawaii I was yoyoing on the plane and then my yoyo just split in two!.  For about a month I didn’t have a yoyo.  Then I got a TaTaTwister!  I was so happy I loved the spikes and now I continue to progess.  Learning tricks and combos left and right.  This is my story hoped you like it.

New Team Member: James Reed:
I picked up a yoyo a little over 2 years ago when I got a Duncan at a hobby shop. I learned rock the baby, dizzy baby, and walk the dog from a trick book that came with the yoyo. This kept me occupied for about 4 months. Doing trapeze over and over the wrong way and only landing it 2% of the time. And then I gave up and yoyoing, scince I couldn’t learn anymore tricks in the book, just occasionally picking it up. Then, about 7 months from then, I got Verison internet, and searched the word yoyo, and I found yoyoexpert. I learned tricks from Andre’s tuts. I couldn’t learn anything on my Duncan. And was fusterated. Then I signed up for the forums, and saw the true world of yoyo. After a while I was desperate to get myself a yoyo I could learn a little more on. So, after a while, I went to a nearby store, and got myself a Yomega Xodus 2. I yoyoed for about 2 months and learned up to brian twister. After that, I got a Plastic Grind Machine. And at that moment, is when I would say, I started yoyoing. I learned up to Buddhas Revenge, and then I started making up my own tricks. And a bunch of tricks later, here I am. So, I have been yoyoing seriously for a little more than a year.

New Team Member: Luke Reed:
I started watching my brother yoyo for a long long time. And finally, one day, I agreed to take lessons using my first yoyo the YoyoFactory GrindMaching just like my brother used to start off from him. He taught me some stuff, and then directed me to yoyoexpert where Andre taught me tricks through his tutorials. I now have been seriously yoyoing for about 4 months.

I would like more local people to try to join so we can disscuss everything in person and stuff.  So near
Southern California

Pictures are in order from Team members stories

great stories.
good luck on your team.
practice hard and have some serious fun with your team.

Okay I got pics up and I’m gonna make a new thresad holding tryouts for the team. Our first yoyo is being made at the moment and might be released at my meet June 12th 2010.
Okay so whoever gets on the team will send me a message of their story on how they became a yoyoer and a pic of them in the middle of a trick and I will post it on the thread!

Hey man I live in KY but could I still be a part of making video battles. Also can I use our battle as a tryout.



Sounds cool!

id like to try out

okay so like I said above theres a link too. goto the link and theres where you post your vid

whts the deadline

when I start summer vacation june 19th


Hey so ya I would like more local people to try and join I would like to speak and meet up some time with them. I just think it would be easier as this team is just starting

nice team!

New Team Members James and Luke Reed!

Okay no more team members as of right now untill summer time when I get sales from my yoyos when there made and I can make this team bigger. Sorry everyone who wanted to join but still make your vids and post them on here and I will look them over when summer time comes. Stay tuned for my team vids coming soon.

I got a site up not done yet http://abyssyoyo.com.p8.hostingprod.com/home

Cool website! And thanks for the Sick String link! :slight_smile:

~James Reed!

hey I would really like to try out but my camera is broken so I can’t upload a vid. I do however have a vid from a while ago http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByUb7YrnbhI
so if you want you can check that out, I’m much better now though :slight_smile: (the name’s Mathew)

Sry im not doing tryouts till i get my first yoyo made but if any one sends me vids I will be glad to put them on my site. AbyssYoyo.com