Project or Dang

I just wanted some input as to which yoyo people preferred. and why?

Dang- More expensive,bigger,and light. It plays pretty fast on the string too In my opinion. It also seems like it is kind of unstable with not very long sleep times but still a pretty fun yoyo.

P1-If you want one,have fun finding one.I had one ponce,smooth finish,and it played like a dream but I was scared to damage a mint one since they are so hard to find. But it does play VERY similar to the Project 2.

P2-The P2 is overall your best choice IMO because it is way easier to find one,and even though they play pretty much the same,I like these more. Although it is not sodablasted smooth like they OG Project it does have a nice finish to it. It is a great yoyo when it comes to control and how fast it can be pushed to go,or how slow depending on your style a.lso it is very stable.

Given all of the above thoughts, which do you want? YOu have to decide. The Project 1 and/or project 2 are both going to be very small which is another reason I like it although the Dang it pretty large in diameter and size. If you choose the dang here is the link:

ALso if you want a P2 or P1 look on the BST is your only way.BTW just so you know message me,I have 2 Project 2’s for trade  :wink:

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