(yokaiyo) #1

Is the Project a good yoyo? Would you suggest it? If you do which
one Project or Project 2?

keep spinning



I personally like the Project 2 over the Project.

It’s just something about it that’s better for me.

The Project/Project 2 is a great Yo-Yo.

However, I can’t answer is it good, but it is all preference. For me, yes, it is good indeed. :slight_smile:


I have a Project 2 and a MarkMont (based on a Project, but slightly different - heavier, bigger, but just slightly, and a nickel coating), and love them both. I’ve never tried a Project 1, I believe its slightly lighter than a Project 2, and also doesn’t have an IGR.


I honesly do not like the regular Project that much.

They’re light, really light, I don’t like it.

They also tilt really easily, I think because of the wheight and the unique shape.

Project 2s are much better in my opinion, but that’s just me.


Lies!!! :wink: