Project 2 Review!!!

I got a purple Project 2 for my birthday at the beginning of October. I just got another black P2 yesterday in the mail. It is by far my favorite yoyo.
For the last two years I have been throwing smaller yoyos like the 888 and Hitman. I have always preferred smaller diameter yoyos because I have smaller hands. It makes it easier for me to do my favorite style of tricks. Chopsticks. My favorite yoyo for the last year has been my One Drop MarkMont.
There was always one large diameter yoyo I went back to though. It was my YYF Superstar. Even though it is big, because of the rim weight, it spins forever and is really stable.
Well, the Project 2 brings all the benefits of the MarkMont, and the benefits of the Superstar together. It is small like the MarkMont, allowing me to do chopsticks and other intricate string tricks. But it has an extreme level of rim weight like the Superstar, making it spin forever and be extremely stable. This thing hardly ever tilts. On top of everything else, there is absolutely no vibe or wobble whatsoever.
Out of two years of throwing just about everything out there, this is by far the best yoyo I have ever thrown.

If you could indent and give a little bit more detail it would be better, but overall it’s a good review.

You could give more detail…
And maybe make it easier to read… :wink:

Make little sections for each area you want to review.

i do agree on maybe future reviews making them more organized by maybe putting sections like play, design, ect. it seemed in the review you used a lot of your preferences like “i like” which it is better when you dont put that as it says in how to post a good review but whatever the review is good or bad its better than no review so good job in making the effort