Review: Onedrop Project Two

this is an old review i did

One Drop Project 2

Well I finally got one, and it was totally worth it.

Weight: 67.6 grams
Width: 40.63mm
Diameter: 50mm
Stock Response: Flow Groove
Gap Width: 4.37mm
Bearing Size: β€œC” sized (large) one drop 10 ball bearing

Look and Feel

Ill start out by saying that I was not a fan of the original project, I felt that it was too light and I thought the flat rims were too wide. I was a fan of the markmont, the added weight and width were more towards what I prefer.
The first thing I noticed was how much more i liked the grooves on the p2 compared to the project, it just felt more natural. The soda blasting is awsome as usual and the refined grooves and soda blast combine for amazing grinds that, in my opinion, are on par with the 2nd run 5 star.
The p2 settles into your hand and feels great and I like that the rims are not as wide as the project

Im really glad that one drop significantly increased the weight of the p2 compared to the project, the weight puts it right where i prefer my yoyos, nice and heavy.

Response and Bearing
Not much here except that as usual, the 10 ball is amazing, and the flow groove is amazing.

At first i honestly didnt like the p2, but each time i throw it i like it more and more, i prefer full size yoyos but the p2 is just great, its probably going to be the only undersized yoyo in my collection for awhile. Like I said before grinds are awsome and thumb grinds are very good too. Despite the weight the p2 doesnt feel as heavy as it is, its not β€œfloaty” but doesnt drop like a rock, its a very good balance of the two. I got mine in a trade, and am still tuning out the tiniest bit of vibe but on a good throw its buttery smooth and stable.

Final Thoughts
Even if you dont like undersized yoyos, you will like the p2, it took me a day or so to adjust to the size but now that i have its become my main throw.


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that was an amazing review. i was thinking about getting one and probably will come the time that i get money