Project 2 review

Ok guys, I figure I got the P2 before everyone else becuz I live closest to Oregon so I get dibs on first review ;D. Today I yelled at my mom for making me wait untill my lil’ bros concert was over (5 minutes) and when I got to the mailbox I tore open the package I found it containing the long waited for PROJECT 2!! echo. So I slapped some string on there and started busting out some moves with and and let me tell you that this thing is the smoooothest thing I’ve played yet! Lets start with the features that are different from the M1. The width is more, if you strip the hex nut you can replace it, there are grooves on it, and MY FAVORITE, the inner ring has this indent thing for inner ring grinds and it fits my thimb perfectly for the best IRG I ever experianced. MOVING ON. The play, I gotta tell ya its like a ninja, silent but very deadly…ok, not deadly but beastly. The first sleeper I clocked 2 minutes, which is a record for me and yes it is tug responsive but after an hour or so its not (at least not for me). The gap is bigger but the binds are really fresh and has this kinda bounce and doesn’t just snap back up at your hand. It came with a chaos string but I prefer PF string more (hail Jeremy), the yoyo weighs more than a M1 and the rim weight is more so it has longer sleepers and I mean veryyy long, I actually went through my very complicated combo of random moves 2 times with it when I can barely do once with another yoyo (legacy, no offence to legacy lovers). The grinds are sooooo nice, think of butter running up your arm and times that by 10 and you got the P2. The finish is soda blasting unlike the M1 which is anodized (i’m comparing the P2 with my M1 too much :P) and like I said before the P2 has these groove thingy ma bobbers on it but it doesn’t really ruin your grinds or anything like that. The only thing I hate about the P2 is it’s perfect…I wish I was perfect enough for this girl I like… :’(. Another thing thats differant from a M1 is that you have to turn it hand by hand with the P2 but the M1 you can just flick it and it spins off but who cares!! (not me). So that wraps it up for my 2nd review, hope you guys love it, and thank you Onedrop crew for making this amazing yoyo. Good bye.

P.S. The is not expensive compared to most metals, its probably the 3rd or 4th cheapest metal you can find!

Nice review. But 2 min sleeper? It should spin way longer than that. I get 8-9min on average with my Axiom. Good job though!! :slight_smile:

Sweet review :wink:

OMG!!! 8-9 minutes long?! I can only get my Axiom to sleep for about 4-5 minutes long. Your must have some wicked throwing skills.

I can get a 4-5 minutes with a Axiom also, but it’s about 7 minutes with my M1.

Anyways, nice review!

Nah, he has a Ceramic KonKave guys.

The bearing wasn;t broken in tho and I’m pretty proud of my sleeper :P. But I just cleaned it and got 3 minutes ;D

Hopefully, mine will come tomorrow or Wednesday. I will write a review too! ;D
That was a great review.
I even got a pro’s review too on Saturday of the P2.
So I asked Yoshi on Saturday about the P2 if he liked it , and he said it was REALLYYYYYYY
good. He also told me that he doesn’t like normal Projects or Markmonts.
There must be a big change. I CAN’T WAIT FOR MY P2!!!

Do you have any pictures of your P2, or can you tell us the colors?

What does that mean?

I got no pics but let me tell you blue and green looks GREAT and what it means is that if you want to unscrew the yoyo the P2 you have to turn one way then turn your hand back and do it again over and over until it unscrews but the M1 is you just spin it one way really hard with your hand and the momentum screws it off by itself.

I think that has something to do with the axle. When I unscrew rsmod123’s meteor, it kind of spins all the way but when I do it with my speeder, I have to turn it many times due to the axle used for adjustable gaps.

Haha yea, I might have forgotten to put that in. ;D

I got a 6 and a half minute with my Black Knight with broke in bearing, it’s beast… Not that it’s a competition… ::slight_smile:


Eh, my P2 is black and red and it looks pretty sweet. ;D

didn’t think of that…I just like bklue on every yoyo and i wanted to try green

I am probaly going to get one once they restock.
what size pads go in it?

If you got pad response then .023" pads can go in it, if you got flow groove then 0.62" pads go in it